Priya Banerjee : The weirdest rumour I’ve heard about myself is that I got a nose job done

It has been quite exciting for all of us to be updated about each and every move of our favorite celebrity but is it exciting enough for them as well?

From their love life, family matters, personal choices we know it all.
Being a famous artist is not easy at it sounds as every information about them is just a click away. An actor is an open book, and times it becomes so difficult for actors to maintain their privacy. We wonder how much they crave to keep their personal and professional life apart?

Recently we got in touch with the beautiful actress Priya Banerjee to talk about the same. To which she said, ” I guess you’re always in the public eye as an actor and a public figure, and I think it has its positives and negatives. I mean, I personally love it when people know me for my work and appreciate it. It’s always a great feeling, but then again, I’m quite a private person when it comes to my personal life, and I don’t like it when people focus more on that rather than my work. I feel like it shifts focus from all the hard work we do as an actor”.

It’s not just that there is one more thing which actors have a deal with regularly are “RUMORS”. Being an actor involves unwelcome rumors, and Priya Banerjee shared with us the weirdest rumor about her, ” Rumors can get funny or annoying, I mean, I have heard several funny rumors about myself on digital portals or through people but the weirdest ones I think which I have got a few times is that apparently, I’ve got a nose job done. Lol which is not true!”