Producer Damini K Shetty on challenges of launching a new channel in a new region

The shooting of Zee Punjabi’s two new shows, Khasma Nu Khani and Vilayati Bhabhi, which were launched at the start of the year, were stalled due to the lockdown and resumed again post unlock 1. Creative producer Damini K Shetty gets talking to us about resuming shoot and the challenges of doing a regional show.

“Most of our crew is from Mumbai. Initially, it was quite tough and different from what we were accustomed to in Mumbai as Punjab is not used to daily soaps and regular-consistent-scheduled work. Restarting has been more of a challenge especially traveling and resetting. We’ve gone on floors keeping social distancing and safety measures in mind. The Punjab Government has been very cooperative and we are following every protocol given to us. Our teams had to be quarantined for 14 days and we are not working on weekends,” informs Damini.

Having done several shows in Hindi and Kannada, Damini talks to us about the challenges of regional shows and launching a new channel in a new region. “The quality you are expected to give and want to give in regional TV is as good as a Hindi show but with ⅛ of the budget. It’s a challenge to maintain, manage, and show creativity in such a tight budget along with the challenge of setting up a new channel in a new world. However, within two months of launching, Zee Punjabi became the Number 1 Channel which has been a great honor to be a part of.”

She ends by saying, “As producers who are more creatively inclined, it’s tough to manage everything from Mumbai but we are glad to have a talented team and the support of the channel. All of these challenges make us take up these kinds of shows and now that we are set to do it in the pandemic we are even more excited for the second run and hope to get back the same love from the audiences.”