Mukul Dev says Punjabi film industry’s growth has been commendable
Mukul Dev

Punjabi film industry’s growth has been commendable, says actor Mukul Dev

Punjabi film industry’s growth has been commendable, says actor Mukul Dev

Bollywood actor Mukul Dev said, Punjabi film artistes are making their foray into Hindi and regional films. Similarly, actors from the Bollywood and other regional cinemas are getting roles in Punjabi films. The cultural exchange indicates that the Punjabi film industry is growing by leaps and bounds.

He also stated that comparing Punjabi industry with the south Indian film industry is not a wise thing at present as the south Indian regional film industry has already grown and is well set, but Punjabi film industry is still growing.

Speaking about his upcoming movie “Shareek”, Mukul said the film is worth the wait. It is a masterpiece which is beautifully written and directed. It was not really easy to act in such a film but our crew made it so easy for us. The hospitality at the locations was very favorable.

He said, “Shareek is an Urdu word which refers to brotherhood. But if issues such as land disputes, fights over the same woman take a toll on the relationship, it is referred to as Shareek-e-baazi (ruination of brotherhood). These issues are prevalent in northern part of India, including the villages in Punjab, where people are still trapped in their feudal mindsets. Since land is a very important factor in Punjab, property disputes are a common occurrence there. This isn’t the film which will be known for its budget. Even though it is a rural story, it has been presented with excellent camerawork. When you will watch the film, you will understand this.”