#Exclusive- Raahul Jatin: This year has taught me to be grateful for all that I have!

Talented singer, composer Raahul Jatin is raising the ladder of fame. With his recent release Yaadein Aane Lagi, he has yet again made it to the headlines. While his debut single, Aankhon Ke Ishaare itself crossed 3M+ views. Recently, we got in touch with Raahul, take a look at our conversation here…

Where do you see yourself in the coming years?

Well, I would want to sing in movies and I would want to keep making my own singles as well. But yes, the biggest thing I would want to start doing is playback for movies. I’d genuinely feel happy and excited to see myself there.

In the span of just one year you have come up with your 3rd song now. How was it shooting for it? Also do you feel much more confident now than before?

Yes, I feel a little more comfortable in front of the camera. You understand what angles you look good in and how to look into the camera and stuff like that. It helps out, but I think ultimately the main goal is you should just sort of enjoy yourself as per the feel of the song, because that’s what shows. I’m definitely a little more confident facing the camera than I was in my first song. shooting for this song was a fun filled experience for me. We had a very small crew and I had a very wonderful co-star. She didn’t speak any Hindi but she kept saying I understand the feel of the song.I was in a very good mood also because the weather was very nice. The shoot of my first song Aankhon Ke Ishaare- the weather was super hot and I was wearing a sweater and I had a lot of makeup on and hair spray stuff, I was sweating so much. So compared to that this was comfortable. My director Harper was also sweet ,and a very chilled out Punjabi guy to work with. My producer Dr. Davinder Sandhu gave us the best in the given constraints.

What’s that one thing you’ve prominently learnt this year, amidst covid?

I learnt plenty of things during the pandemic… Made loads of content for my YouTube channel and Instagram. I learnt editing, how to use Premier Pro, how to use Photoshop, lighting and a lot of technicalities. Worked on my programming skills, worked on my singing ability.. I sincerely feel I have grown as a singer, worked on my ability to compose music and learnt different ways that you can mix and produce music. But 1, this year has taught me to be grateful for all that I have.

As an artist when do you feel you’re satisfied with your work?

I don’t think you can ever feel satisfied with your work at least in my case. I don’t…. I remember with my first song Aankhon Ke Ishaare- there’s an older mix that I had found and I said that this one is better and my dad was like its okay, the current song is good but I thought maybe I should sing a few parts again, but we had already uploaded the song on the streaming Platform. So I don’t think you are ever satisfied. You have to at some time let go and that usually happens because of time and deadlines. So yeah, I would say you never are truly satisfied, but we’ll it’s a journey and we continue to learn and grow

Your role model n why?

I would say – from a non-singing standpoint I like Akshay Kumar sir very much I like how he lives his life, more like his lifestyle- he doesn’t drink, he doesn’t smoke, he sleeps on time he works out, he takes care of his health. I mean simple living and doing some great work. Otherwise I have a list of people I look upto -Kishore Kumar Sir, Lata Mangeshkar ma’am and ofcourse Mohammad Rafi sir. I also like Charlie Puth very much. From the newer lot, Arijit is my favourite. I think his voice quality is brilliant and he’s a good human being.

Message for readers

I would say, stay home and stay safe. Things are opening up, but if you can, do everything to make sure that you don’t catch covid because people are really not sure about how bad this could be. But also since you’re home, utilise this time for yourself, to introspect, to learn new things and to be one with your dreams and ambitions. Also do share Yaadein Aane Lagi with your friends and family and help spread some love. And if you are an aspiring musician do something related to music every day regardless of what it is. It’s composing music, production, singing etc because you discover new things and you learn a lot when you just practice the art, so I would definitely say that.

Take a look at his song here:


Wishing Raahul, much luck and success ahead.