Rahul Sharma of Kal Bhairav is surely gives you some fitness goals

Actor Rahul Sharma who is currently seen in Kal Bhairav, has one of the fittest bodies in town! 

And we hear that the actor puts in a lot of effort into looking his best, as despite shooting for 13 to 14 hours a day, he makes sure that he hits the gym, even if that is at an odd hour.

  Our source close to Rahul informs us, “It takes Rahul 1.5 hours in the morning to commute to sets after which he shoots the entire day.  In between shots, he is usually dubbing as he’s part of every episode on the show.  And then it takes him another 2 hours to commute back which means he hits the gym by midnight!”

 We spoke to Rahul and he said, “Yes recently my schedule has been hectic as I have been having dinner at around 1 AM but this is just a phase as our show has just recently started.  The beginning phase of a show is always hectic but later it gets easier!” 

 Rahul is definitely speaking out of experience as he’s been a part of five shows as a lead!

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