Rajan Shahi’s Anupamaa grabs eyeballs for an extramarital affair, actors tell you why!

Rajan Shahi’s hit TV show Anupamaa on Star Plus showcases an extramarital affair besides a journey of a mother. The show has been getting very high ratings! Why does the Indian audience like to see such storylines? Actors give their take!

Vijayendra Kumeria: Such sequences work because of the high voltage drama that they entail. Viewers sympathise with the protagonist, some might even relate with him or her. Also, people want to see how these situations are dealt with, if the lead couple unites? How they solve these issues. This is why such twists and turns are always successful.

Aishwarya Sharma: It’s very common nowadays and that is why people can relate to it. They get attached to the storyline and there is a lot of drama. Indian audience loves drama and that is why they love such stories.

Sharad Malhotra: Storylines involving an extramarital affair always do well as people are often faced with these situations in the reality too. These are situations where people often feel lost and seeing their favourite protagonists also go through this gives him a feeling of familiarity and might also help them in some cases.

Kettan Singh: India loves to gossip! And what is spicier than an extramarital love affair? A husband or wife stepping out of the marriage provides a lot of masala for a show. People want to see what happens next, this is why these storylines work. Rajan Shahi knows the pulse of the audience.

Amal Sehrawat: TV reflects reality, it has always reflected reality. If there are extramarital affairs going on in reality, then such sequences will be showcased on TV too. In fact, people will love to watch these people somewhere they feel that these are not over the top, or made up. Rajan Shahi has depicted an extremely emotional story with a lot of sensitivity.