Rashami Desai’s next guest on her talk show The RD Show to be from Fashion Industry

As we know, due to coronavirus, people are locked-up in their homes. So, celebrities are making sure to utilize this time to bond with their family and indulge in productive activities.

Rashami Desai, who is one of the most popular and adorable television actresses, is using the time to do various things. Recently she started her talk show called ‘The RD Show’.

The show is hosted on her social media handle on the weekends, where the actress invites esteemed guests from various fields. Last week we saw Mrunal Thakur and Luke Coutinho on the chat show who are superbly talented and influential people in their respective fields. As per the reports the next guest on the RD Show would be from Fashion Industry and it would be none other than Sonaakshi Raaj.

Sonaakshi Raaj is one of the most popular name in the fashion industry and has worked with actors like Deepika Padukone, Kareena Kapoor and Madhuri.

Sonaakshi is a Mumbai-based designer and her style is synonymous with opulence. With an intention to create glamorous ensembles catering to women’s couture wear that is distinctly feminine and refined, she combines tailoring with drapery. It would definitely be interesting to see two queens chat with each other.