Reasons to love Suits

If you already aren’t a fan of Suits, you’ve failed to recognize what’s great about it. Here are some of the reasons we love Suits.

  1. Comedy with Legal Jargon
    Yes, even we don’t understand many things that these guys talk about, but we do get the jokes. You need to get the hang of it in order to understand what they mean. It is not a normal boring Courtroom Drama, it is more than that. Plus, you get to learn the legal jargon. Not bad, yeah?
  2. Louis Litt

    download (2)We wouldn’t dare to fail to realize the show’s real hero, Louis Litt. Rick Hoffman is at times so weird that you just want to slap him. And, at times, he’s so cool that you want to replay the scene. So awkward and awesome at the same time, he’s hands down one of the best supporting actors we’ve seen on TV.

  3. Well-written characters
    The characters of this show are so well-written that you feel these people are not born to do anything apart from playing the role they’re playing. Kudos to the writers who have reinstalled the importance of attention to detail and depth in writing. They’ve been successful at maintaining the suspense of the show throughout.

So grab a bowl of popcorn and watch the show with us. We’re sure you’ll love it this time around.