Reasons you should binge-watch BB!

If the number of Awards that Breaking Bad has won isn’t enough for you to start watching this amazing show, we’ve got five reasons that will definitely make you watch it:

  1. The plot
    The show makes you see drug dealers as good guys and the cops as the bad guys. This alone should make you want to see what’s the reason behind this. A middle class Chemistry professor gets Cancer and starts using his chemical knowledge to cook meth. He reels one of his students in. And he manages to survive as the best cook the meth world has ever seen. Certainly an interesting one. No?
  1. The supporting Cast
    Yes, patience. We will talk about Walter and Jesse. But first, let’s talk about the others who contribute greatly to the quality of the show. Walter’s wife Skyler White(Anna Gunn), the DEA chief and Walt’s brother-in-law Hank Schrader(Dean Norris), or their lawyer, Saul Goodman(Bob Odenkirk). The people playing negative roles deserve a special mention too, be it Gustavo Fring, Mike or Tuco Salamanca.

  2. Jesse Pinkman
    His role was initially limited to Season 1 only. But seeing the chemistry between Walter and Jesse, they thought it best to drag him till the very last episode. And we aren’t complaining. Becauswe, yeah, Science, bitch!
  3. The Direction of the show
    Vince Gilligan has written, directed and served as an executive producer of Breaking Bad. He even won an award for directing the last episode “Felina”.
  1. Walter White
    Let us just go ahead and mention the awards he’s scored. His role in Breaking Badalso earned him five Golden Globe nominations and one win in 2014, nine Screen Actors Guild Awards nominations with four wins and five Saturn Award nominations with two wins. He won the Primetime Emmy Award for Outstanding Lead Actor in a Drama Series four times (2008—2010, 2014), including three consecutive wins. Bryan Carston, enough said.