Rehaan Roy: I try not to smoke and drink onscreen

Actor Rehaan Roy takes his stardom very seriously. He says that his fans often try to emulate what he does and therefore, he makes sure to be responsible about the things he does on screen.

“I feel that as actors we have a responsibility to try to be good role models so that our fans can follow that. I try not to smoke or drink onscreen. I, in my real life, don’t do any of that as well. Onscreen, at times, there are some situations where we are bound to do that as that is the demand of the script. But still, I ask my directors and producers to see if we can avoid it,” says Rehaan, who is currently seen in Tumse Na Ho Payega Guddan.

He adds, “I know our fans do get influenced by what we do. So, it is better to show them something that will help them grow in life.”

We agree with you Rehaan and your fans love you for your honesty.