Rishika: Singing is the most special gift from Lord

Rishika is a true Bong by heart. She was born and brought up in Delhi around a lot of Indian classical dance and music. Trained in Hindustani classical vocals, Rishika has always been super passionate about music and performing. She believes that the stage is her second home. She’s also into western music, especially pop.

Recently, we did a LIVE chat on instagram with this beautiful and versatile singer. On asking her about her lockdown, Rishika said that her lockdown was a little tough in the beginning. But she has been very productive in it. She enjoyed singing and being productive in the lockdown she also memorized a few dancing steps.

Elaborating her thoughts on the NEW TRENDS in the industry, she told us, “New trends are extremely important for the growth in the industry but we should also preserve the few classics and legendary songs. It is a person to person choice to like a classic melody or a remake she futher adds that we should definitely add up our flavours and taste to music but also ensure that we do not spoil it. We should try to make it a superior and stronger melody than before while making a remake or remix , but also take care that we don’t spoil it while making remakes.”

We wish Rishika all the luck for her future projects.