Rishina Kandhari’s Kaali Maa look is a big hit

Actor Rishina Kandhari has always won people’s hearts with her portrayal of characters on screen. The actor, who will be playing the role of Kaali Maa in the show Tenali Rama, says that her look has made her feel connected with the goddess. “It’s totally a different divine feeling getting into the look of Kali Ma. When I dress up as Kali Ma, I feel a connection to the goddess. I feel great in getting in her look,” she says.

However, getting into her look is no easy feat. “It takes me almost one and a half hours to get into the look. My entire body is painted dark Blue and then I get into the costume and my hair is done,” she says.

Ask her what is the best compliment that she has got for her look, and she says, “Rishina Kandhari, the most beautiful Kaali Maa ever in the history of mankind’, is the compliment that I got for the look. I was very glad when I got that comment. People are liking my role, what more do I want?”

See below the Kali Maa look of Rishina Kandhari