Rithvik Dhanjani associates with a social initiative to help fight Covid-19!

Actor and host Rithvik Dhanjani has taken up to being a part of a current social initiative to do his bit and help ease the atmosphere around for people who are struggling to cope with the covid-19 lockdown phase!

Rithvik along with the team of his upcoming webshow ‘Cartel’, have created some amazing content, on the line of three bafoons who gauge this pandemic with a lens of their own, in turn making their whole point of view a funny one and one which helps spread a message! The name of the project that Rithvik is a part of is JO FO MO, which has a bigger picture behind it to help support covid relief systems.

Speaking about his association with JO FO MO and taking it one step forward as a social activity, Rithvik shares,”The entire team of our webshow ‘Cartel’ decided to collectively come up with some interesting content to put out there as a sense of responsibility to ease out times for people right now who are finding it very tough to cope with this entire Covid-19 phase. So our writers and directors came up with the idea of portraying the three bafoons who look at this pandemic with a lens of their own, making their whole point of view very funny, different and innovative, hence JO FO MO, a 5 video animation series for which I am voicing one of the characters, came into place”.

“The bigger picture behind this whole thing is to of course socially and responsibly do our bit to be of help and support to everyone we can. For which we have also joined hands with ‘Give India’ to support organizations like Akshay Patra, Pratham, Rahi and the Annamitra foundation. The main idea of supporting these foundations is to help the migrant workers and people who have no source of income or even a home in these times! So while the innovative content creation in the form of JO FO MO is to create light hearted content, entertain and help people to divert their minds in these worrisome times, our association with the NGO’s and to make JO FO MO a successful fund raiser series, is to help the charity organizations raise funds for the migrant workers. As well as ensure that we too have done our bit for them in all spirit.”

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