Rohitashv Gour visits Shirdi!

Every New Year, actor Rohitashv Gour makes sure to visit Shirdi. The actor says that he has full faith in Sai Baba. “It’s a routine that we follow. We go to Shirdi regularly, I have deep faith in Sai Baba. When I came to Mumbai from Kalka during my initial days, I came with a small statue of Sai Baba and my first show was a show on Sai Baba. I played the character of Mahalsapati which was earlier played by Arif Zakaria. I have full faith in him. I don’t know how it developed but I believe he fulfills all my wishes,” he says.

He adds, “I go to Shirdi every year to start the New Year with his blessings. He makes the year happy and I believe he is the one who is running the whole world. I feel there’s some power that we have named him God. I don’t follow any daily rituals but I leave my house, keeping him in my mind and taking his name. This is my faith and devotion to him.”