Rrahul Sudhir gives credit for his character Vansh to producer Mamta Patnaik

Actor Rrahul Sudhir is winning hearts with his character of Vansh in producers Mamta and Yash Patnaik’s popular daily show Ishq Mein Marjawan 2. The actor’s suave and broody looks, mixed with the character’s perfect attitude, has made Rrahul a household name. The multi-talented actor gives the credit of the perfectly shaped character to his producer Mamta Patnaik.

“My character comes across as strong and it has a dominating tone to it, we have done our little homework. Due credit has to be given to writing and character building. It is Mamta ma’am, it was her idea, her creation, so she wanted Vansh to be like this. I am so glad that they chose me to be part of such a thrilling character,” he says.

Rrahul also points out that his character’s ability to stay out of the box is what makes the show different from everything else. “I think that is what separates Ishq Mein Marjawan from other shows. It doesn’t necessarily pitch a character as positive or negative characters. It just pitches characters as flawed, having weaknesses, and not being perfect people. But all of this amalgamated together with a ting of larger than life experience, which is the USP of Beyond Dreams and all of it together makes a good recipe for garnering good audiences. I am really glad that it is not positive or negative and not just me, every character has its shades and that is the beauty of our show,” shares the actor.

Does he relate to his character of Vansh? “I don’t really relate much to the character of Vansh but what I like about him is that he owns the space he walks in. He commands respect. He doesn’t talk too much and has one-liners always handy. I don’t relate to much and you can’t relate to Vansh. You never know what is going on in his head. I think that’s a big surprise and that is what keeps the thrill of the show intact because you never know what he is going to do next,” he says.

The show recently aired a Navratri sequence, which was highly appreciated. The episode came as a breath of fresh air, not just for the audience but for actors as well. “The Navratri sequence came as a breath of fresh air because with the pandemic going out, we can’t go outside or do so many things. But our festivals allow us to enjoy and have a little recreational on sets, which is part of work but it’s fun,” says Rrahul, who also refused to indulge in any big twists for the love of his show and audience!

The versatile star recently joined the sets after beating COVID 19. He received a warm welcome. Talking about his show’s reaction upon his return, Rrahul says, “I was welcomed with smiles and good wishes. Everyone was concerned about how my health was. They had got a cake for me to celebrate my defeating Coronavirus. Everyone was glad that I was back and I was so glad that I was back. So, for me, it was like coming home.”