Ruslaan Sayed’s Travel Tales!

Actor Ruslaan Sayed who is seen in KaranSangini has been a travellng freak. The actor, who has travelled to multiple places in the past, celebrated his brother’s birthday on his most recent trip. “I had travelled to many cities like Rome, Greece, Venice, Florence, Milan, Singapore and Dubai. But this time, we went to Krabi for my brother birthday bash,” he says.

He adds, “I had the best holiday in Karbi. On the first day, I met this Australian couple and I spent all 3 days with them. We were partying together, having breakfast, dinner everything together. It was like we have known each other since ages. This is the best part of travelling, you met such lovely people.

The actor loves travelling and feels that these trips help him perform better as well. “I feel that travelling is very much important in life. You get to know so many things like a different lifestyle, you meet new people, you try different food. As an actor, I feel that seeing and experiencing different things is amazing,” he says.

He makes sure to travel regularly. “Travel is my life. I make sure in a year, I visit two different countries at least. In a city like Mumbai where everyone is running, you just need to take a break and find your own self somewhere which will help you get to know yourself better as a person,” he says.

He makes sure to take care of these things for a safe and comfortable travel. “You must plan your trip before going to any place. You must have an idea of how you are planning to enjoy your trip. The plan should be light, not very hectic. You must have an idea about your food preferences and what you can eat because most of the time the food which you like is not available easily. Make sure you plan your travelling inside the city. Also, check the weather and carry clothes accordingly,” he says.

Ask him what’s next on the agenda, and he says, “Next year I want to go to USA, Paris and Vietnam.