Sahil Anand unplugged

Actor Sahil Anand talks about his recent film Student of the Year 2, his show Kkasauti Zindagii Kay 2 as well as other aspects of being part of the industry.

You were part of Student of the year and now you did the cameo in the sequel of the film, how was the experience?

Yes, I was part of Student of the year 1 and I am part of the sequel as well. I have a special appearance in it. The experience was very good because Punit Malhotra is just like a friend and I was so comfortable working with him. I was being part of Dharma film after a long time so I was a little nervous but Punit was very chilled out as a director and I really enjoyed working with him.

You have also done Hai Apna Dil Toh Awara, Love day and more films, but you dint get more Bollywood opportunities what is the reason?

Student of the year, Hai Apna Dil to Awara, Babloo Happy Hai, Love Day and many more films I did as the lead but what I saw is that if it’s not a big banner or a big production house, your movies just come and go. The reason is that being an outsider, somewhere or the other, that comes in the way when you are in movies. So be it production house, the distributors or the theatre people, when a movie is coming and they don’t see a big name or big people behind it, they don’t give it good shows or good timings and that’s the basic thing. People who go to the movie theatre, they always prefer good shows which are feasible for people, for the working class, kids, students and if they will give us 1 or 2 shows in some of the theatres so however good the movie is, it would not be seen by the people and it will get wasted. For example, if you see the reviews of my movies given by the critics let it be Hai Apna Dil Toh Awara or Babloo Happy hai, it’s not below than 3.0, some people have given Babloo Happy Hai 4.5 stars also. Hai Apna Dil Toh Awara is now on Amazon Prime so if these big channels are taking my movies you can understand they are good movies but the reasons are unknown as to why they don’t get released well.

What kind of roles you would like to do in Bollywood?

I really want to do the role of an army officer because I know I can do justice to that and also a sports person.

Do you think the tag of TV actor has been a hindrance in your Bollywood career? No, I was doing TV before and then I switched on to Bollywood, so this tag is nowhere now it used to happen before but not now. I am working on a web series, doing films and on TV also in Kasauti Zindagi Ki 2 so basically I feel that you just need to be a good actor rest everything will follow. Just be positive and confident about your work and everything will happen. You know how hard working and talented you are so that day will come.

Kasautii Zindagi Kay 2 has brought you back in the limelight . Comment

Kasautii Zindagi Kay 2 has brought me back in the limelight and it’s all thanks to Ekta Kapoor for giving me this opportunity. I have worked with most of the production houses but I always wanted to work with Ekta Ma’am. I feel god has granted my wish and I got an opportunity to work in Kasauti Zindagi Ki 2. I am very happy doing this role because it’s a challenging role, there are so many shades to this character. I started as a little carefree and mean guy but now he is totally changed he is a very positive and a sweet guy. So, I am very happy whenever I am shooting it makes me happy, and I am very proud of doing it.