Sahil Anand’s style guide: I don’t care about what people say

Actor Sahil Anand is one to set fashion trends in the industry and the actor says that he does so with confidence. “The thing is that I am just confident about what I am wearing, I carry each and every outfit with confidence. I don’t care about what people would say. I just know that I look the best and I carry it fabulously,” he says.

Talking about his style statement, he says, “Mostly, I am in shorts and a simple T-shirt with my favourite pair of shoes. I wear that mostly because I like to be very casual, very cool and very light. That’s what I do when I am at home. If I have a plan of going to an event or a birthday or so, I try and wear different things. There are times when you just need to put two things together and make yourself look unconventional,” he says.

Ask him for fashion advice, and he says, “In summer, you should keep it a bit light, guys should wear what I wear normally in my day to day life when I am not shooting, which is shorts, simple colourful T-shirts and a pair of slippers,” he says.

Florals are something that the actor clearly knows how to carry. He says that floral print looks as great on guys as it does on girls. “That’s the mindset or I should say the stereotypical thinking of people that floral prints are only for girls. In Kasauti Zindagi Kayy, I only wear floral shirts and till date, nobody has pointed out that because I carry it very well. The second thing is that I am not nervous or I don’t have second thoughts on what I have to wear. It’s just that the person has to be very confident with what he is wearing,” he says.

Ask him who is his style idol in the industry, and he says, “According to me, the most fashionable actor in Bollywood has to be Ranveer Singh. I love the way he carries each and everything so well. He doesn’t care about the world and yes he rocks and people are following him.”