Salman sir told me to cut my hair, reveals Bigg Boss 9 contestant Digangana Suryavanshi!
Digangana Suryavanshi!

Salman sir told me to cut my hair, reveals Digangana Suryavanshi!

Salman sir told me to cut my hair, reveals  Digangana Suryavanshi!

Bigg Boss 9 contestant and Veera actress Digangana Suryavanshi has cut off her knee-length long hair, thanks to Salman Khan.

Digangana walked out of hairstylist Colleen Khan’s salon having reduced the length of her mane by 19 inches! The TV actress was thrilled, “Salman Sir told me to cut my hair during the show. At the time, I took it in jest but later, again he told me that it would make a world of difference to my look and also my career. I am so happy that I cut my hair. I’m loving the new look. Everyone is liking my new look, too. Whatever Salman Sir suggests, he’s pretty bang-on. He has also told me to get fitter and build a more toned body. I am not overweight but yes, I can be fitter. Sir is very transparent in his opinions. In this world, where no one gives a damn, such advice is heartwarming. I am truly thankful to him.”

It was a huge decision because this is the first time she has ever cut her hair. Diggie, as she is fondly called by friends, reveals, “I’m 18 and have never cut my hair in all these years. In fact, my mother has been working to ensure I had great hair from even before I was born. It is said that if a pregnant woman eats a baasi roti (cooked overnight) with ghee in the morning, the child born is blessed with great hair. So, my mom did that when she was carrying me. When I was considering Salman Sir’s suggestion, I spoke to my parents and they were convinced about the decision too. After the cut, Ashley Rebello sent him a picture and he said it was superb.”

Salman sir told me to cut my hair, reveals an elated Digangana Suryavanshi!

All these years she has been adamant about not cutting her hair and had even refused to trim her hair when had to sport shorter hair for her daily soap, Veera. “I used to fold my hair to make it look short. I tried to avoid wigs as much as I could in those two years,” she says.