Sana Khan is now working on a league of sports called Streetball League which is a half court version of basketball

All in all there are 12 men teams and 4 women teams in the streetball league and it would be played very soon. Sana and Melvin own 4 teams together two each in men and women sections. The auctions have been done and the players have also been assigned. Sana’ team is called face SpartanWe spoke to Sana on this and here is what she has to say, “In India basketball is not that publicised where as we have some great players in our country. To have women on-board was very important because there are amazing women out there who are so cool and have that crazy love for this sport. I am very proud to own a women team and it’s kind of empowering and lifting. I own 2 basketball team one men and one women. I have always loved basketball as a sport and I wanted to play once but just couldn’t do so the point of street ball is to promote the game and to bring in about awareness of the game to the masses. We have many renowned names associated with streetball league and some of the players that will be participating in this event are just new and so fresh so I went to own one team and jumped on it and grabbed it because I also feel that this particular sport needs to be pushed more in india so that all our talented kids get better opportunity. Well there are people who are doing it but the more it is, the merrier it gets. I wish them all the best and I wish this league becomes big and this sport becomes big in our country. Its a 3 on 3 half Court competition. I would love to do more of such stuff in the future in sports.”

We wish Sana and all the people associated with this league all the luck and we can’t wait for it to begin.