Sana Khan
Sana Khan Is Married

Sana Khan Is Married..

New Controversy Queen…

Uff..  Sana your publicity stunts turned out to back fire you, your past has being digged in too much of controversy around , I know Sallu Bhai stood by you but now we don’t think he will support you after knowing about your marriage life with Asif khan but Sana tell us one thing your strategies of playing in Bigg Boss was really great . You showed up yourself  like a little cutie pie girl and tried grabbing attention from audience and Sallu bhai obviously, and off course and little bit flirt with Vishal helped you in survive  Bigg Boss house, But Sana are you serious you thought you could hide your colors from media if so, stop assuming because we know you were dating Vishal even before you stepped into Bigg Boss’ house.

We heard Sana is very cagey about her personal life with others, Now I know why..

Salman Khan Ji ab kya tweet karoge aap sana ke  liye. Do you still think she is innocent cutie pie???