Shah Rukh Khan buzz in Vancouver at his first TED Talk

Shah Rukh Khan become the first Indian actor, who went to Vancouver, Canada to interact with people and shared his experience of life at TED Talk.

Shah Rukh Khan mesmerized a TED conference on Thursday in Canada with his romantic style and talked about his experience  in Bollywood industry. He also speaks about how social media sensationalized the world and changed the scenario of  digital media, SRK chased the crowd with his enticement and enlightenment and leave the wow effects on audience.

SRK remarked his presence and driven the audience’s mind with his funny one-liner and eloquent speech. He begin his talk by said  that “I sell dreams and I peddle love to millions of people back home in India who assume that I am the best lover in the world,” 

He opened with the view about TED Talk and said “For years, I’ve been a huge fan of TED Talks,”Added to more he quoted “There are so many people in India who would like to come out with their ideas and thoughts, and speak them in Hindi.”

SRK not only delivered coherent speech but also amazed the audience with his signature steps.

Here some of the pics from the evening.

Further more information said that Shah Rukh Khan is going to host soon the TED Talk India: Nayi soch on star plus.

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