Shirin Sewani makes her web debut with Only For Singles

Actor Shirin Sewani will soon be making her web series debut with Only For Singles, and the actor couldn’t be happier. The actor says that work-wise, web series are similar to TV shows. “There is no difference in terms of acting as we are actors and the craft is the same, only the portals have changed. In daily soaps we have so much to deliver and so much of the time is constrained and the concept is totally different, it is not as liberal as the web. I found the liberty difference in both the portals and in that way I enjoyed more on the web. I played the part which was very different from what I have done on TV. On television, there are certain limitations which we are made to follow because it is for the entire audience, whereas on the web there are different channels with no limitations. Both the parts are good but I enjoyed web more and the content coming on the web is more grasping,” she says.

Talking about the show, she says, “The title says Only For Singles but it doesn’t mean that it is for singles. It is a very relatable series and even a 70-year-old person when he will watch it, will realize that at some point of life they have gone through this stage. It is about the struggling period where each and every one of us has used some tricks and tactics to do things to make it up to a point. I am sure that whether it is a star kid, be it a CEO or a minister, we all have shared a common zone of working hard towards our goals. It is a very entertaining series and I would say that everyone should watch it.”

The actor loves her look in the series as well. “In this series, I have crazy looks and the stylist and the directors have worked very hard. My director made me feel very confident and I also tried to pull it off with confidence. They have given me crazy looks where I have multicolor hair and weird colored dresses and that is how the character is. I enjoyed doing it and this is the best role in my career since I have started, it’s my personal favorite. I was doing something so different and was enjoying it. It wasn’t something very typical or monotonous as I was experimenting every day and this is what an actor can ask for, where you are free to experiment and improvise.”

Talking about what loves means to her, she says, “My idea of love is that it comes from understanding and respect. If you have an understanding and respect towards each other then love will always be there and there should be no condition for loving. Trust, respect and understanding are the three main things which surround love.”

And are there any advantages of being single? “I think everyone would have the same answer as to when we are single, we are all free and not answerable to anybody. We can do whatever we want to as we have no responsibilities nor accountable for anything. We don’t have to share things and just be on our own.”

Shirin is confident that the audience would love her series. “I would like to share with my fans that if in case you have a bad day, just binge watch our series. It will make your day and we will make you laugh and make your mood light. In case you have a good day, just watch our series as it will add more laughter and fun to your day and in case if you have nothing else to do, trust me our series will really entertain you,” she says.