Shocking information came infront regarding Sri Devi’s death!

Veteran actress Sri Devi who passed away on 24th February, 2018 in Dubai due to accidental drowning as per the post-mortem report. Her sudden demise shocked the whole nation and no one wanted to believe that their favorite actress Sri Devi is no more.

After alot of investigation regarding this case, the report suggested that it was just an accidental drowning but this information will shock you and make you believe that something is fishy in her death.

However, recently SC also dismissed the petition to investigate further in Sri Devi’s death case as they got clearly report of her accidental drowning.

But it’s seems like the case has not been closed yet, the private investigator found that something is wrong and missing in the case and there is anything hidden upon her case.

And it is Ved Bhushan, a retired ACP Delhi police who is the owner of a private investigation agency and has alleged that the Dubai police has been careless in the same case and this he investigated by visiting the Jumeirah Emirates hotel where Sridevi took her last breath and what happened there made him believe that something’s wrong and that is when he decided to file a petition in SC to open the case again.

It’s not as it simple, he also claimed some shocking revelations about that , as he found out the front staff of the hotel has been replaced by new staff and told them to keep their mouth shut during all the investigation. Also none of the guest has been alloted the same room which was Sri Devi’s room after even a ban has been imposed on private videography inside the hotel.

It was as clear as that, this case is not yet close as recently, filmmaker Sunil Singh claimed that in Oman, an insurance of Rs. 240 crore was done in Sridevi’s name but it could only be availed when the actress died and this raised question on all the events and controversies that took place.

Look like, once again this case is soon going to open and further investigation will prove something or other.

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