Shweta Gulati: Nervous jitters are good

Actor Shweta Gulati, who plays the lead role in the play Ananya, has been getting a great response for her performance. The actor says that she is overwhelmed by the love she has received. “The response I got was absolutely heartwarming and very encouraging. It is making me strive to do more shows and perform even better. I hope that we reach more audiences because of the overwhelmingly positive response we got for the play,” she says.

She adds, “I was expecting it to connect with audiences because the Marathi version of the play connected well with the audiences. Ananya really made a huge place in their lives and in their hearts. So, I was hoping and expecting that in Hindi as well we are able to make that place. We managed and we would do more and more shows so that Ananya reaches to more and more people and they shower their love.”

Ask her if she still feels nervous before a performance, and she says, “I don’t get stage fright. But, yes, I do get jitter before every show because it a new show every day and its live on stage and there are no retake. But that’s good as overconfidence kills you. A certain level of nervousness usually helps to give good performances.”