Shweta Rohira on success of ‘That’s My Girl’: It still feels like a dream

Actor Shweta Rohira’s play That’s My Girl surpassed expectations and was hugely successful in India and abroad. The actor says that it all still seems surreal to her. “It still feels like a dream and motivates me to enjoy and do more and more. I feel I am blessed to be part of That’s My Girl every time and whenever people come up to me and compliment me that they remembered their daughter while looking at me, I feel blessed that I could play a role that evoked the emotion of beautiful relationship of father-daughter. That is a special emotion anywhere in the world,” she says.

The play has been screened in multiple places. “We have taken the play to Ahmedabad, Pune and Goa and internationally Kuwait. As a travel blogger, I have travelled to many countries and a few more trips are lined up before the year ends,” she says.

Ask her what was the best compliment she got for the play, and she says, “The best compliment was from Waheeda Rehman ji. She said, ‘You are a little pattaka, what a performance!’.”

The actor enjoyed working with veterans like Bharat Dabolkar and Anand Mahadevan. “Like I always say, it’s my Gurukul and though it’s been a year now in every session of the play or rehearsal I still get to learn. My gurus are full on cool and happening so it’s fun to learn,” she says.