Shweta Rohira unveils the first look of Dr. Anju Kapoor & Harry Kurup’s book, ‘7 Personas Of Eve’

Writer, Artist and a former Journalist; Shweta Rohira launched the cover of Dr. Anju Kapoor and Mr. Harry Kurup’s upcoming book, ‘7 Personas of Eve’ in Mumbai. Dr. Anju is the Principal of Usha Pravin Gandhi College of Arts, Commerce & Science and a psychotherapist by profession whereas Mr. Harry Kurup is an Assistant Professor in Mithibai College. The book has short stories of everyday women and the struggles that they face on a daily basis, and how they turn these challenges to truimphs.

Speaking about the cover launch, Shweta expresses, “#sevenpersonasofeve is one book that has weaved the seven tales of strong women who became incharge of their life. I must applaud and appreciate Dr. Anju Kapoor and Harry Kurup for bringing such powerful stories of women to us. I am so honoured to be part of this special book cover launch event on women’s day. What a start of a day as a woman to all the women I would like to say “Celebrate who you are. Period”. Here to all the strong women, May we know them, May we be them, And May we raise them, Happy Women’s Day!!

Dr. Kapoor knows Shweta for quite a long now, talking about her association for the cover launch, she says, “Actually Shweta is my former student. She was a simple girl doing her Bmm. Probably with many complexes & issues. But I have see her transition in the past 3-4 years and I now see her as a successful artist. An achiever despite a failed relationship, battled weight issues & emerges as an author, artist & performer. She called to wish me for the event & actually decided to come despite a recent foot surgery. Her simplicity & humility made me realise that she’s a perfect example of a girl who has achieved success due to her perseverance & will power. And that’s a story my students should hear on women’s day.”

7 Personas of Eve is scheduled to release around Mother’s Day, and we wish the team immense luck.