Siddharth Kumar Tewary On A Roll!

Writer, director and producer Siddharth Kumar Tewary is on a roll as the creator has had three back to back show launches. October saw the launch of the magnum opus RadhaKrishn while November was the month for Chandragupta Maurya‘s story to begin and now in December Swastik is all set to launch Tantra. Speaking about Tantra Siddharth says, “Tantra, the story of a house that has undergone black magic, is a progressive show which truly shows that doing black magic isn’t good and the consequences can be dire. The intricacies in the relationships which each of the family members shares with each other, as well as the dynamics of a family, also play a crucial role in this story. Tantra is Swastik’s first foothold into the supernatural genre in which we are bringing to our viewer a house that shall truly ‘live,’ a family that shall fight the darkness which comes with black magic, and a story that shall grip the viewers through visual VFX, sets, props, etc which have never been seen before in the world of supernatural on Indian Television.”

The show’s star cast includes Sargun Kaur and Gautam Vig as the leads as well as Juhi Parmar, Manish Goel, Sameksha Singh, Gouri Tonk, Munisha Khatwani, Kanan Malhotra, Harsh Vashishth etc playing pivotal roles in this supernatural thriller. It’s interesting to see one production house working across various genres with historical, mythological and now a supernatural show! Now, that makes us wonder what’s next in line!