Sidharth Shukla is that real friend we need in our lives 

Truthful, loyal and honest are only a couple of words that defines his affection for his friends. Shukla has always been unbiased and make a point to fight for the right things in the house however he always makes a point to remain by them when they need him the most.

Arti Singh and Sidharth Shukla’s friendship is one such example where they have been bold and blunt when it comes to clarifying things but have not left a single opportunity to support each other when needed. Yesterday’s episode was the witness of their bond where he upheld Arti and saved her from nominations over Paras Chhabra.
It was a shocking choice by the captain as none of the housemates contemplated it, however his explanation said it all, he said “Arti, we had a fight and you are very well aware about it but it was on the face and it was between two friends and that’s alright and we ended it then and there, so it’s fine, but we have a good friendship and bond, so keeping it consistent, I would like to save Arti’’
His words were enough to make us realize that he not only knows how to make friends but to maintain his friendship as well!