Simple Ways To Shrink A Pimple
Simple Ways To Shrink A Pimple

Simple Ways To Shrink A Pimple

Simple Ways To Shrink A Pimple

A pimple is a big issue for a girl, it’s quite irritating. We try every other thing to get rid of this problem, but sometimes we don’t get satisfying results. Application of Concealer is the closest thing that helps us to cover that ugly pimple, but there are a few other ways also, through which we can get over that embarrassing pimple situation.

Let’s check out what are they-

1. Toothpaste-

Squeeze some Toothpaste out onto your finger and simply dab it on the spot. If you have oily skin, you can keep it on for up to 30 minutes, but if your skin is dry, be sure to wash it off within 15 minutes. This will definitely help dry it out and shrink the pimple.

2. Garlic-

Garlic is an amazing ingredient for getting rid of pimples. Simply rub raw garlic on those pesky pimples and problem areas a few times a day and watch them clear up in no time. This is also a great trick to try everyday for a clear complexion within a few weeks.

3. Honey-

Honey is one secret weapon for a variety of skin problems like dealing with tans and zits. It helps kill bacteria, which will dry out the pimple and prevent it from growing further. Once the pimple head is visible, apply honey to it and cover it up with a band aid for the rest of the day, or for however long you can. Once you take it off, the spot will have reduced noticeably in size, or even disappeared! Don’t forget to apply moisturizer after that.

4. Apple Cider Vinegar-

Using a cotton ball, dab on some apple cider vinegar on the zit to help shrink it. The liquid kills bacteria, which will help reduce swelling and redness of the ugly pimple.

5. Aloe Vera-

Apply aloe vera gel to the spot overnight, or for a few hours. It’s very cooling and will help sooth and heal your skin.