Sippy Gill's song '10 Mint' in controversy.
Sippy Gill

Sippy Gill’s song ’10 Mint’ in controversy.

Sippy Gill’s song ’10 Mint’ in controversy.

Punjabi artist, Sippy Gill is facing a problem because of his song named,’10 Mint’. One of the journalist Baljet Pannu has filed a case against him for it’s indecent song and offensive video.

Alongwith Sippy Gill, he has also filed a case against the lyricist, the video director of the song and the Speed Records Music Company. This song contains a lot of violence, affecting the Punjabi culture.It has given a very bad message by killing the girl’s family in the song.It promotes criminal activities such as kidnapping, killing, etc which creates very bad impression for the Punjabi culture.In this song, He just goes to take out her Girl friend from her Village home by Killing all his Brothers and the weird thing comes when Girl also walks with him leaving all his Family behind.

However Sippy Gill apologized for the video and said,“I would like to thank you on behalf of all responsible youths if Punjab for your brave act of apologising for your controversial song. Not everybody have that much humility. But brother even after swearing in the name of lord of the lords king of kings Shri Guru Granth Sahib and above it a week have passed through your video is still running relentlessly on you tube. Brother you have swore in the name of Guru Sahib and still not fulfilled your commitment then how do you expect us to trust you and not doubt your stand and your integrity your and faithfull to the true guru who has blessed you with so much fame money status. Then how would you be truthful towards your duties and responsibilites as a youth icon”.

The case had been reportedly moved to Punjabi culture where the next hearing date is fixed on 12th December.