Sonakshi Save on Diwali celebrations: We pray at home!

New clothes, lots of gifts and yummy sweets is what actor Sonakshi Save’s (who played title role in Muskaan) Diwali is all about. The actor says that she and her family have been following the same ritual for a long time. “Diwali is the purest form of celebration for me and it has always been so. I get Diwali vacations from my school and tuition classes for almost around 15 days. My mom and dad buy me new clothes and lots of gifts as well. They also buy me firecrackers, all of them are basically noiseless, to avoid sound pollution from my end,” she says.

Talking about the plan of the day, she says, “Till Laxmi pujan, we stay at home. After that, every year we go out of town for 4 – 5 days. On the day of Diwali, as per the tradition, we all get up early in the morning. My mother makes me bathe with the scented herbal powder mixed with rose water on this occasion. After that, we pray at home and even go to the temple for puja. I also feed grass to the cows and rotis to the dogs on this day.”

She adds, “It is a very joyful day for me as I am always in new dresses during Diwali. It is also fun visiting our relatives and gifting them sweets and chocolate boxes. At home also, we welcome our relatives and my friends from my school and neighbourhood and make merry. We also serve them homemade Diwali food items like chakli, chiwda, anaras, shankarpaalis, etc. These days are filled with pure happiness for me.”

However, this Diwali is special for Sonakshi. “During this Diwali, I have planned to go to a wildlife sanctuary with my parents. It will be fun. Basically, I am a die-hard animal lover. I have 2 dogs and 2 cats at my house. We are also going to Gujrat and it is a very big hub for sweets and namkeens. So, I am going to enjoy the food over there as well. It is going to be a big break for me from my calorie-conscious healthy food regime,” she says