Srishty Rode fangirls as Akshay Kumar acknowledges her dance tribute to ‘Burj Khalifa’!

Actress Sristhy Rode has a fangirl moment as Bollywood hunk Akshay Kumar hits a like on her social media dance tribute to ‘Burj Khalifa’!

Totally fangirling over the song and claiming that ‘Akshay Kumar’ and Kiara Advani made her take out her dancing shoes to groove to their catchy new number, Srishty has really done an amazing job with the tribute and brought out the best of her dancing side through this performance!

Srishthy who is known to be a big dance lover has created a strong niche for herself in the dancing space as well besides acting, and is receiving a lot of love, praise and accolades for her funky and amazing dance videos on her various social media platforms.