#StarrySpecial: A lot can happen over coffee

They say coffee and conversations are a lethal combination. Today is the World Coffee Day and our favorite telly actors tell us the importance of this magical drink in their lives.

Vivian Dsena:

I love coffee and drink many cups daily. It perks me up and there is never a day when I live without coffee. I can even spend hours alone sipping coffee. I make very special coffee and the kind of flavor I make or drink isn’t easily available.

Ssharad Malhotra:

I drink one cup of coffee, a day, at least. Coffee and conversations are a good combination. I go to a coffee shop in Malad, once in 15 days at least and I love having matka coffee there. In a stressful life, a dose of caffeine is not a bad idea.

Mohammed Nazim:

There was a time when I would begin my day with coffee and sometimes even end it with one. However, I have cut down on my caffeine intake, so I only drink coffee shots occasionally.  I enjoy both, a classic cold coffee as well as a hot cappuccino. Lately, the coffee scene in India has begun to change and we have many cafes that serve beautifully made coffee. It’s good to know that when I want a really well-made cup of coffee, like those found in European cafes, I can get one in Mumbai itself.


I love coffee – it’s my wake-up call. I start my day with a giant pot of Americano. I like robust strong brews. I like hot coffee in the morning and cold in the evening. After meals, I love a shot of espresso. Coffee and conversations is a lovely combination it’s one that I indulge as often as I can with my parents, my friends, and my husband. Nespresso is a favorite for me.

Kunal Thakkur:

I am a moody coffee drinker and I drink occasionally when I want a sudden rush of adrenaline. I drink coffee mostly before workouts because it acts as a pre-workout supplement. I opt for either hot or cold coffee, depending on the weather. Coffee and conversations are definitely a lethal combination because it becomes easy to know the person better. Be it formal meetings or romantic dates, it works with every occasion.

Sneha Wagh:

I cannot live without coffee. I need at least a cup every morning to get me started on my day. I love coffee with a cake or a pastry. It’s a treat for me. Earlier used to have conversations over food, which have now turned into coffee conversations.

Vahbiz Dorabjee:

I am also one of those people, who is an absolute lover of coffee. I love homemade cold coffee. I used to drink a lot of coffee earlier, but my dietitian suggested not to have tea and coffee, so I have reduced it since then. I love having coffee at many coffee shops, it’s best when I want to have a good talk with friends. It is good as the caffeine peps you up.

Khalid Siddiqui: 

I drink at least four to five cups of coffee and I always have my coffee with chocolate. I start my day with black coffee, chocolate, and two dates. When I reach on the set of my show I have my black coffee with chocolate and I start my work. I don’t have my coffee with milk because it makes you feel heavy. The only reason for the combination of black coffee and chocolate (mostly dark Chocolate) is that coffee wakes you up and chocolate helps you focus.

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