#StarrySpecial: Here’s how Whatsapp Display’s of your favorite celebs look like…

The social media age has proven itself to be an important tool to understand people, their moods and their emotions. A Whatsapp display can talk a thousand ideas about a person’s thinking and the message that he wants to give others in the society.

We have curated display pictures of some television actors. These pictures will definitely give you much-needed motivation in life.

Romit Raj: Get away your Monday Blues with Classic Black



Reyaansh Vir Chdha: Work Slay Work



Saurabh Pandey: Eyes convey more than a picture could say



Jasmin Bhasin: Beauty in simplicity



Sneha Wagh: Traveling soul = a content life



Mohammad Nazim: Having the right attitude



Laksh: #nofilterneeded Handsomeness personified



Aniruddh Dave: Stay Humble Stay simple