#StarrySpecial: Saurabh Pandey visits Golden Temple with his wife

There are some places that are etched in your memory forever and one such place for actor Saurabh Pandey is the Golden Temple in Amritsar. The actor has visited it multiple times and did so recently as well. “I have visited the Golden Temple at least four times but it feels like much more. I feel a connection with Harmandir Sahib (Golden Temple),” he says.

Ask him what he loves about the place the most, he says, “What I love about Golden Temple is that there is no discrimination. It doesn’t matter whether you are a Hindu, Muslim, Christian or from any religion. Regardless of your colour, caste or creed, the Darbaar is open for all. It’s a symbol of oneness. Another amazing part is that the Golden Temple is open 24hrs and langar is also served around the clock. Anyone can come and eat. If they wish to serve or do seva, they can do that also.

He visited the gurudwara this time as he wanted to take blessings after his marriage. “The main purpose of this visit is that my wife Zara is a Punjaban and in all Punjabi families, it’s a tradition to go to theGolden Temple for blessings after getting married.  It was long overdue as my wife was in Canada for the last few months due to work commitments. So as soon as she got back, we went to pay our obeisance to the temple,” he says.

In fact, his wife is a true Punjabi. “My connection with Punjab is through my wife Zara Barring…you can say my sasuraal is there! Though Zara’s family has been settled in Canada for almost 100 years, she is still deeply connected to her roots. Her family is originally from Jalandhar. Also, the best part about Punjab is the Sarson Ka Saag and Makkay Di Roti which is my all-time favorite. Even this time Zara’s family managed to get Sarson da Saag although it was off-season!” he says.