#StarrySpecial: Television Community supports the Supreme Courts’s decision on Section 377

Yesterday, the Supreme Court decriminalized same-s*x marriage, which was considered a crime for a long time. Almost everybody in the country celebrated this new move and started showing their appreciation on their social media pages.

We connected to some television stars and asked their opinions on the same, and here’s what they have to say:

Ssharad Malhotra:

To each his or her own. One shouldn’t be judged by one’s sexual choices and preferences. Live and let live. India is a progressive nation. The law has surely taken a decision which will make the communities happy.

Adaa Khan:

The move is going to make LGBT communities happy. The verdict is making headlines. But our society doesn’t change perceptions overnight. Acceptance will take a lot of time. India as a nation is evolving in terms of mindset. Live and let live is the mantra.

Shashank Vyas:

The news is surely the talk of the town. It’s a good move. As long as people are happy in their lives, it is up to them who they want to love.

Jasmin Bhasin: 

It is the most progressive piece of legislation and long overdue. I hope families with gay children, will stand up 100% behind them, so will their friends and neighbors. I think the whole society must work hard together, to show solidarity and remove this stigma attached to homosexuality. Privileges are not just for the masses. Every individual counts. It was so unfair to restrict gays from leading a normal life just because the hetero majority was not comfortable about it. Kudos to the judiciary and hope that other states follow suit. Government(s), on their part, should not oppose the verdict and focus on curbing evils like child abuse, etc. For those who believe that homosexuality is ‘unnatural’, I would point you to recent scientific findings that state that Homosexual behavior is common in nature and plays an important role in survival. Love has no gender and love is love.

Romit Raj: 

I am very happy for all the homosexuals in India and now they don’t live in fear, there are so many closet gays in the television and film industry, I guess now they will not be ashamed of their sexuality and the society will respect them for who they are. God bless…

Pooja Banerjee:

It’s a great step taken by our government. I know there’s a long way to go for the country to make fundamental changes. But this step has made us believe that we still keep faith in our constitution.

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