#StarryStyle: Vahbiz doles out fashion tips

A style icon actor Vahbiz Dorabjee talks about fashion, why she doesn’t follow trends and who she feels dresses up best in showbiz. She shares her fashion mantra as well who according to her are the stylish actors in the industry in a short interview.

Here are the Excerpts:

You are considered quite stylish and one of the most well-dressed actresses, who knows how to carry herself. So, who you look up to in terms of fashion and style?

I think this nature of mine is because of my upbringing. I have always been following my mother because she is a trendsetter. We both love shopping. I am somebody who always wears a new dress every day. In terms of fashion, I look up to Kareena Kapoor and my favorite designer is Manish Malhotra. Overall I don’t follow anything blindly, rather I see my comfort level and the outfit that suits my body.

Who according to you is the most stylish actress in Bollywood and why?

According to me, the most stylish actress is Kareena Kapoor Khan as she wears the most stunning and comfortable clothes. She always looks amazing in her outfits.

Who according to you is the most stylish actor in Bollywood and why?

Shahrukh Khan and Hrithik Roshan. I always feel that they look very dapper, classy and very handsome. Even if they are at the airport, they are with their best outfits.

Who is the most stylish TV actress and why?

Hina Khan is the most stylish TV actress. She always wears something different. She always looks unique and works on her looks. Even when she was in the Bigg Boss house; she was always well-dressed. So I like the effort Hina makes.

Who is the most stylish TV actor and why?

Karan Tacker looks dapper on most of the occasions. He is always well-dressed. He puts so much effort in maintaining his aura and is very handsome too.

Any 3 fashion tips you’d want to share with our readers?

Don’t follow trends blindly, wear clothes as per your comfort level, experiment with all kind of colors in your wardrobe.

Indeed, she is one of the fashionistas’ that our industry has got.