Steps to Make Your Own Natural Lip Balm for flawless lips.
Natural Lip Balm

Steps to Make Your Own Natural Lip Balm for flawless lips.

Steps to Make Your Own Natural Lip Balm for flawless lips.

Lip Balm is very important for the lips and especially during the winter season, when your lips get chapped and dry. There are many harsh chemicals in many lip balms like parabens, petroleum jelly, questionable fragrances and many more, which you would surely not be wanting to apply on your sensitive lips daily.

So, here are some steps which you try to make natural lip balm at home easily and the best part is that even your kids could use it. With this recipe you can make around 10-12 lip balm tubes and should keep you and your family stocked for a few months.

What Do You Need:

Small lip balm jars or standard lip balm tubes
Double boiler
1 ounce coconut oil (or sweet almond or jojoba oil, olive oil works as well)
1 ounce shea butter or cocoa butter
½ ounce beeswax (add more if you want a stiffer balm)
¼ ounce raw organic honey
¼ ounce vanilla or chocolate extract or any other fragrance of your liking and/or a few splashes of essential oil
1 Vitamin E Capsule or vitamin E oil (optional, for better preservation of your balm)


1. Use a double boiler over low heat to melt the coconut oil, shea butter and beeswax under constant stirring. If you don’t use beeswax pellets, break the beeswax up in smaller chunks or grate into flakes.

2. When liquefied, cool down for a few minutes. Make sure the mixture is still warm to dissolve the honey. Add honey, vitamin E capsule and vanilla extract or any other flavor which you like. Whisk until it’s well combined.

3. Optional: Before adding your flavor you could divide the oily mixture in smaller batches and add different flavors.

4. Pour the mixture into the lip balm tubes or tiny jars. Keep stirring the mixture while pouring to avoid separation of the honey and oil mixture.

5. Cool on the counter. Cap, label and store like a normal lip balm. Use within 2 years.