Still don’t understand the word Homophobia: Priya Banerjee

The month of June celebrates the colors of the LGBTQ+ community as ‘Pride Month’. The more we are moving towards the acceptance of the individuals and the community as a whole in just the way they are the more beautiful world is becoming. It can be seen in the content we create nowadays also where creators come up with stories about the LGBTQ+ community just like any other content.

And in a recent conversation with the gorgeous Priya Banerjee whom we have seen in films, music videos, and web series like Hello Mini, she talked about the LGBTQ+ community and her support and acceptance were visible through her words.

A lot of people are uncomfortable doing a scene with the same s*x on the screen and in your web series Hello Mini you’ve kissed a female. How was the experience?

Ya, I had a scene of kissing my same-s*x co-actor even though we didn’t play a bisexual or lesbian character in the show it was kind of the requirement of the script to establish certain characteristics of our characters. I wasn’t uncomfortable at all I was way more comfortable doing it than I’ve ever been with an opposite-s*x co-actor. I guess it’s all in the mind how to take it. If it’s the need of the script as actors we should have that kind of freedom and comfort.

Many people are homophobic but web series like these aims at normalizing the fact that a lesbian or gay loves the same way as a straight person. Tell us your views about it.

Homophobia is a word I still don’t understand. I mean as human beings we have our orientation and if we choose to have the same-s*x partner that’s absolutely the individuals call and no one should have the right or authority to judge anyone based on that. I believe each one of us has the right to choose who we want to be with and no one can dictate that for us.

Do believe that the entertainment industry and web series like Made in Haven, Maaya, Hello Mini, etc play an important role in creating a mindset and liberates us into accepting the fact that being gay is normal.

Well absolutely and not only on the ott platforms also movies like Shubh mangal zyada savdhan has proved that people have become much more accepting and open-minded to this idea of same-s*x marriage.

Do you think every community should be celebrated for the whole year and not just for a month?

It’s amazing how a whole month is dedicated to this. It should be respected and celebrated throughout the year. Society has become much more accepting and it’s nice to see how many people are now able to come out and accept their orientation without any fear of judgment.

The LGBTQ+ community is all about being confident in your skin, embrace yourself. What are your views about it?

As the human race, we should always be confident and accept ourselves for who we are regardless of gender, caste, color, or sexual orientation and we should learn to accept and love one another for who we are and only then we can grow as a race!

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