Styling Mistakes That Make You Look Bulkier Than You Are!
Styling Mistakes That Make You Look Bulkier Than You Are!

Styling Mistakes That Make You Look Bulkier Than You Are!

Styling Mistakes That Make You Look Bulkier Than You Are!

There are some clothes, which look just right on you and make you look fabulous, and there are those that don’t. If the latter is something that bothers you, this list is for you. Here are a list of some styling mistakes that make you look bulkier than you are!

Check out what are they!

1. Tops Of The Wrong Length-

Wearing long tops doesn’t always mean they’ll make you look thinner. Sometimes they end up doing the complete opposite. The hemline should never be at the widest part of your body! If you have wide hips, wear a top that either ends at your waist or at mid-thigh. If your thighs are broader than your hips, wear a top that’s either ending at your hipbone or goes way lower, almost to your knees.

2. Underwear Mistakes-

Wearing the wrong kind of underwear can lead to a whole list of problem. If you’re wearing a bra that is too small, you’re going to look like you’re bulging or spilling out of it, and look bulkier than you should! Visible panty line can be terrible too, since it makes your skirt/ dress/ pants look tighter than they are! Make sure to match your undies with your outfit, and always wear the right size – not only for your look but your comfort too!

3. Clothes Which Are Too Tight-

Yes, we know you’re familiar with this being a problem, but it needs to be addressed anyway. Clothes that fit you perfectly but cut into your skin at the hem, waist or sleeves should be banished from your wardrobe. That one line biting into your skin, and making your flesh above and below bulge, can make you look way less toned than you are.

4. Ignoring Your Natural Waist-

Figure out the narrowest part of your torso – for some it could be right under the boobs and for others it could be at the end of the ribs. It’s different for everyone. Ensure that the waist of your clothes fall at this point. If it’s too high, it’ll make you look extra top-heavy, and if it’s a bit low, it’ll make your hips disappear completely!

5. Jeans Of The Wrong Cut-

There are seriously way too many cuts of jeans out there, and choosing a pair can get very confusing at times. You have to keep in mind what kind of fit and detailing looks best on your body type – trust us, it’ll make a world of difference to how you look!