Suggestions to Indian Girls from Indian Boys

Suggestions to Indian Girls from Indian Boys

Suggestions to Indian Girls from Indian Boys

Hello girls, this article is especially written for you. Boys do complicate girls lives, but they also care enough to give their girl some useful advice.

Here are some Suggestions to Indian Girls from Indian Boys:

1. Drink alcohol if you really enjoy it. Don’t drink because it’s cool to drink.

2. Don’t run after beautiful people. Instead, follow people who have achieved something.

3. Don’t get influenced by society. There is nothing that’s only for boys or only for girls.

4. Use helmets instead of covering your face with a dupatta. It will protect you from sunburn as well as act as a life saving gadget.

5. Don’t be a feminist at your convenience. Be consistent with it or don’t be it at all.

6. Facebook likes on your pictures don’t determine anything. You are beautiful. Believe it.

7. Please don’t be ignorant towards stalking or eve-teasing. The guy can take it as a ‘yes’ and continue troubling you.

8. Learn self defence, both emotionally and physically.

9. Yes, make up looks good. But your smile looks the best.

10. Every guy who smiles at you doesn’t mean to flirt with you. It can be a simple way to get to know you and the beginning of simple friendship.

11. Please don’t watch saas-bahu serials. They are a big NO NO!

12. If you believe in equality, don’t create a fuss about sitting on the ladies seat in the metro.

13. The little black dress is not all that great. It’s just another dress. Period.

14. Try and talk to introverts. They might turn out to be better at conversations than the usual talkative bunch.

15. Love yourself before you fall in love with someone else.

16. Stop seeking closure. What goes around comes around.

17. Don’t worry about your complexion. And definitely don’t go after Fair and Lovely.

18. You don’t need to lose weight for ‘someone’. Do it for yourself. Eat as much as you want to.

19. Do not ignore abusive calls. Give it right back to them.

20. Don’t move cities for a boy. It’s a strict NO!

21. Stop talking to that toxic ex.