Sukhmani Kaur Bedi is taking Rich Indian culture at Global level with her Forever Phulkari.

A craft of 15 century, which is deeply rooted in Punjabi culture, is still essential in contemporary fashion. Phulkari is Punjab and India’s rich heritage, and it has always been people’s favourite and why not it defines our rich culture and colours of Punjab.

India is one of the most diverse countries in the world today, with every region having a set of different cultures and a craft to its name and phulkari is part of that rich culture.

Sukhmani Kaur Bedi, a famous personality beauty pageant winner and renowned folk singer, is now all set to take our traditional phulkari to the global level with her new venture.

Sukhmani is fashion friendly, and she knows how to balance western and Indian wears, she is also a big fan of our rich culture. She feels our Indian embroidery is way more luxurious than others. Sukhmani feels Phulkari needs proper attention because it defines our art and love for clothes in ancient times.

To check the fashion sense of Sukhmani, you must view her Instagram picture. You will find her dressing sense is incredible; she balances western and Punjabi culture beautifully in her dressing, which makes her look stunning.

Sukhmani wants to publicise handmade work, and with that her Punjabi culture on a global level, so she gave her venture name “forever Phulkari” to promote Phulkari craft at a broader scale.

Sukhmani is having a fantastic collection of phulkari clothes not only for woman but for men too. Her collection of phulkari is excellent, which you can comfortably wear in every small and big function.

Phulkari was part of every home in ancient time as family relatives crafted it. Traditionally, each piece told a story through motifs inspired by flora and fauna. Phulkari is not easy to make it takes time as it hand made. To make a perfect phulkari, you need an expert eye and hand to make a colourful piece which looks rich when it gets complete.

As the western world coming closure, there love for traditional garments is increasing, especially for hand made clothes. Phulkari is making its place in western countries and why not if you see the richness of colour and material there is no match to it.

According to Sukhmani Kaur Bedi Phulkari can be customised for a function or regular dressing. She feels phulkari work is going to improve looking to Global demand.

It is excellent to see renowned personalities like Sukhmani Kaur Bedi taking our Indian culture to a global level. We hope she gets all the success and makes our Phulkari more famous worldwide.