Superheroes usually come in t-shirts, jeans, chappals, and shoes, says Ronit Roy

Ronit Roy is Urvashi Dholakia’s next guest on her digital talk show, ‘Trending Now with Urvashi’. Both of whom were seen in Kasautii Zindagii Kay, while Ronit went on to impress audiences as Mr. Bajaj, Urvashi portrayed the iconic character of Komolika Majumdar in the show.

Amongst the fun 21 questions asked, Urvashi and Ronit get chatting about superheroes. “If you are a superhero aided by superpowers, what is the use. A true hero is a normal being doing superb things. There are so many people leading normal lives doing so much for the community and the country. Sonu Sood, for example, sent a whole lot of migrants back to their village. These two boys, having studied in the US, have returned to their hometown in South India and are treating thousands of people every day without raising any funds. They are using the knowledge that they have learned and doing a service to their community. Superheroes usually come in t-shirts, jeans, chappals, and shoes. Not all superheroes wear a cape!” said Ronit Roy

To which Urvashi added, saying, “I read about Niharika Dwivedi, a 12-year-old girl from Delhi, who broke her piggy bank to buy air tickets for three migrant workers. I was so thrilled to read about her. We talk about the future generation, the youth of today, and it’s so good to know the country will be in their hands. These kids are thinking far and beyond most adults are at this point. If we are so proud of them, I can only understand how proud their parents must be.”

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