Swaragini: The next Kyunki… Only better

Although Swaragini has become a mainstream Saas Bahu drama from what it was, it is definitely better than the ones we’ve watched for years (ahem, Kyunki, Kahaani, Kasauti, so on). It has completed its year long run today. Here’s why it’s loved:

  1. Varun Kapoor and Helly Shah!
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    Swara and Sanskaar share impeccable on-screen chemistry and people are all over its cuteness! Not to mention the fan following of both Swara and Sanskaar as individual actors. They bring romance to the screen in a way that doesn’t look made up. About time our Indian television gets practical, and these two munchkins are nailing it!
  2. Good guy turned Bad guy, and Bad guy turned Good guy twists!
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    Swara and Ragini’s father, Shekhar, has suddenly gained consciousness and has started talking on TV- that too as the bad guy! The writers did a good job by revoking the character off its curse to keep silent, and he’s actually doing good!
    Meanwhile, Ragini is again the good girl in the family because of the heartbreak. Can totally get why the change in character. Go Ragini!
  3. Roop Durgapal as a negative role, yet again!
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    After playing a negative role in Balika Vadhu, Roop Durgapal is back on Colors as Kavya, Lakshya’s blind love. One may wonder if she can play a positive role too, but nonetheless, she’s a great addition to the plot.

    All in all, we cannot wait for more; and that says a lot about a daily soap.