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Summer Vacations Fashion

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Summer Vacations Fashion Every Summer you can plan up a trip. You can take your friends along chill, relax, have fun, reconnect with your old friends especially the one’s whom you haven’t met since long. While planning for your trip, you need to even plan for the best summer skin beauty tips and hottest vacations looks. Here are some summer’s ...

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Health Benefits of Cucumber

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Health Benefits of Cucumber Keeps you hydrated. If you are too busy to drink enough water, munch on the cool cucumber, which is 96 percent water. It will cheerfully compensate! Fights heat, both inside and out. Eat cucumber, and your body gets relief from heartburn. Apply cucumber on your skin, and you get relief from sunburn. Flushes out toxins. All ...

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How to Straighten Your Hair

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How to Straighten Your Hair Wash and blow-dry your hair. Straightening your hair works best on freshly washed or day-old hair. When washing your hair, tailor your shampoo and conditioning products to your hair type. For thick, frizzy hair, use a smoothing shampoo and conditioner. For thin, flat hair, use volumizing products. Once hair is washed, give it a quick ...

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7 TRENDY HAIRSTYLES FOR TEENS … 1. LIGHT AND BOUNCY favorite hairstyles for teens is light and bouncy curls. Curls add a sense of volume to your hair that can really bring out your best features, especially if you have a bubbly personality to match! Whether you have straight-as-a-nail hair or curly-as-a-curly-fry hair, there are some great techniques for achieving ...

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Fashion Styling

8 TRENDY STYLES FOR LONG HAIR … 1. PONYTAIL Ah, the ever-lasting ponytail. With so many different ways to rock a ponytail, you really can’t go wrong. Whether it’s a sleek and severe ponytail or a loose and messy ponytail, you can always spice it up with various accessories, such as headbands. Tip: Try curling a severe ponytail for added ...

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How to break bad beauty habits?


How to break bad beauty habits? 1. Refrain from touching your face Whatever you touch is spread to your face, so be sure that you wash your hands frequently. It is possible to get out of the habit of not touching your face. Try to avoid the temptation. 2. Don’t lick your lips The drying saliva ultimately causes chapped lips. ...

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Tips for Healthy Winter Hair


Tips for Healthy Winter Hair Here are four tips that will work on all hair types: No More Wet Hair In winter, dry your hair before you leave the house! It really pays to get up half an hour earlier to blow dry your hair, or a couple hours to let your hair air dry. Of course, the time will ...

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Haircuts That Make You Look Thinner


Haircuts That Make You Look Thinner Long Layers Long layers that are vertical-shaped, not horizontal, can elongate your face shape. Layers should not be too short nor too wide. Curls can shrink a considerable amount when cutting layers, so be careful about the length. Change is Good If you haven’t changed your hairstyle in awhile, find a photo of a ...

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Curly Hair Tips

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Curly Hair Tips It’s good to do styles on curly hair when it’s wet as long as your gentle. And if you have thick curly hair, an up do may dry very slowly. Wash your hair only as often as you need to, and condition as needed as well. Be careful of bumps when putting curly hair up in a ...

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The Tucked Over Pony


The Tucked Over Pony An ordinary ponytail when done neatly, looks good enough, but it may not give you all the comfort you need. You wouldn’t like it constantly swishing to and fro over the nape of your neck on a 42 degree Celsius afternoon. Here’s a look that lets you have the pony sans the swish, and this is ...

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