The actual struggle is with your mind : Priyansh Jora the lead of Khandaani Shafakhana

Actor Priyansh Jora after substantial work on television is debuting on big screen with
Khandaani Shafakhana opposite Sonakshi Sinha. The film is being directed by Shilpi Dasgupta. Speaking about his first film and the struggle behind it Priyansh says,”I came to Mumbai in 2012 from Delhi and 24 was my first work on television. When I was doing Tu Mera Hero I remember the show opened with a highest trp of 3.4. My other show Bade Bhaiya Ki Dulhaniya has also given me a lot of satisfaction. Working in good films was always on my mind and I have willingly waited for the right role. In between I have got couple of offers but I couldn’t see a great opportunity in them.” So was there any restless moments during that waiting period? “Certainly. But, I’m very patient when it comes to doing the right work!
I have believed in my talent and got the right support and motivation from my family. Specially my father who has always had my back and told me that do what you think is right!”
But what was the real struggle for you? “Since the time I came to Mumbai I have been blessed with work and also I’m fortunate that I was born in a family where my father worked hard and created a comfortable life for us, so it wasn’t as much about the financial struggle as it was about the actual struggle with your mind.
There were conflicts in mind when I’m was saying no to work, as initially you also don’t know whether your decision is right or wrong. Also when you have no godfather in the industry, people you are close with and those well wishers are all collectively your godfather. They guide you, advice you and are there to listen and support! So I’m grateful that I’ve had such people in my life!” About working with Sonakshi, he says, “She is a senior actress, but she was very chilled-out on the set. That helped me relax, too, and work better.” Ask him about the message of the film, and he replies, “I feel that the subject is extremely relevant. In India, most men refrain from talking about sexual problems because of the male ego. On the other hand, most women are too shy to open up, as they have been told from childhood that it is a taboo subject. It is important that we have normal conversations about s*x; our children shouldn’t grow up thinking that it’s something that shouldn’t be spoken or discussed about. During my growing-up years, when we would crack jokes on s*x, the grown-up women in our families would tag us ‘non-veg guys’. The point is, when somebody cracks jokes on s*x or discusses it, nobody understands that the more open one is about it, the easier it is to solve problems around