The Barb Fish Species !

The Barb Fish is a little sized cluster of fish that are physically discovered in the freshwater rivers and lakes across the southern hemisphere. There are more than 2,000 known species of barb in all over the world inhabiting the freshwater districts of Africa, Asia and South America. The Barb fish is often transferred to as a freshwater shark, due to the reality that barb are one of the some species of freshwater fish to have lines of teeth in their mouths. Despite their little size, barbs are famous to be vicious hunters and are main predators in the world of little fish in their normal environment. Barb does only prey upon the fish that are lesser than them, but also on average sized fish that can sometimes be twice the size of the barb.

Due to their tiny size and bright colors barb are normally kept in household aquariums worldwide. The most general barb reserved in aquariums is the cherry barb and the tiger barb. Barb are recognized to be comparatively strong fish and can easily adjust to amends in the water including changes in pH levels and temperate. It is known that barbs can productively live in unheated tanks, and although this has confirmed to be successful in many cases.