The new formal look of Vijayendra Kumaria is getting appreciated!

Recently the look of actor Vijayendra Kumeria has changed in the popular show Naagin 4. The new formal look of Vijayendra is getting appreciated from all corners. Speaking about that, Vijayendra says,” The show has taken a leap and Dev’s character has become intense due to his love life problems. To overcome that, he has become a workaholic. He is going to be seen in formals mostly from now on. So I decided to change my hairstyle as well to match my clothes. The new-look is simple yet classy. The feedback has been very good and everyone liked it on the set. Fans have seen my new look on social media and are giving good feedback. I personally am quite happy with the look as I love formal suits a lot. The look has been decided by the creative team, but they give me a lot of choices to select what I want to wear.” 

Speaking more about his new look he adds, “I love it it. It brings a little freshness. I get very excited when I come to know that there will be a change in the look.” There is also a new entrant Rashmi Desai – in the show. She will be playing the role of Shalakha with whom Vijayendra will have scenes.  “She is a superb actor. I am sure she will be very entertaining as Shalakha. I have done a few scenes with her and they went well. I am sure people will love her character as well.”