The Perfect Shampoo For Your Hair Type
The Perfect Shampoo For Your Hair Type

The Perfect Shampoo For Your Hair Type

The Perfect Shampoo For Your Hair Type

One of the reason, behind dry or frizzy fair can also be your shampoo! So to help you get rid of all these usual hair problems, here is a guide that will help you choose the right shampoo for your hair type..

1. Fine Hair-

If you have fine, thin strands, then you’ve probably been struggling with greasiness and lack of volume. In this case, a volumizing shampoo is the thing you need to get. Using a nice dry shampoo is also a good idea to bring volume back, since your hair probably has a tendency to go flat as well as soak up any greasiness.

2. Thick Hair-

While others may marvel at your natural, thick hair that you never have to work for, only you know what a curse it is to manage all that hair. With thick hair, the biggest problem is trying to get unruly strands under control and getting rid of the frizziness. It’s best to use a frizz control shampoo that nourishes your strands to fight dryness. Argon oils are great for helping you get sleeker and shinier locks.

3. Curly Hair-

For naturally curly hair, it’s important to use a shampoo that is super-hydrating since curls are prone to dryness. You also need a shampoo that will tame your curls, minimize frizz and add bounce to your hair.

4. Normal Hair-

Luckily for you, your strands aren’t extra greasy, frizzy or dry, which means that you can use most shampoos. Since your hair is pretty healthy, you can look out for shampoos that mention ‘for all hair types’. Girls with hair that isn’t that problematic and unmanageable can concentrate on using products that add shine and softness.

5. Colour Treated Hair-

After you’ve spent a huge amount on adding some stylish colour to your beautiful hair, it’s important to keep that colour looking fabulous and not fade too soon. A regular shampoo can remove away the colour from your hair cuticle, which is why it’s important to use gentler, colour-protecting shampoos. Also, don’t wash your hair more than twice or thrice a week, since repeat washes can cause some serious colour fading.

6. Dry hair-

Dry, rough and brittle hair is majorly caused because of damage. You have to get a shampoo that will restore moisture and health while cleansing your hair and scalp. Also, make it a point to avoid heat styling, since your strands are already damaged. Stay clear of harsh chemicals like sulfates, which will only cause even more dryness. Argan oils will help soften and nourish your strands.

7. Oily Hair-

Greasy locks are definitely frustrating to deal with and are caused by overactive oil glands in your scalp, or sometimes as a result of not washing your hair often enough. You need a shampoo that will get rid of all that excess sebum without disturbing the amount that is healthy for your hair. Avoiding greasy food and not skipping hair washes will also make a difference. A clarifying shampoo is perfect for removing all that oil build-up and leaving your strands shiny and clean.